Fortnite WTF Moments #303

26. dec. 2020
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Welcome to the episode #303 of Faiz Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments!
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Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments #303
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  • 2:58 ahah lol

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  • The amount of sweats angers me

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  • 8:10 he speaks Portuguese and he said " O QUEEEE " what does "what" mean in English

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  • 1:35 pleo

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  • 2:15 he is me fend

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  • You posted cringe you are gonna lose subscriber

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  • lol

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  • 0:38 gets sniped out of nowhere lol

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  • 00:3 lol he launched from a car lmao!!!!!

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  • Който е видял Еленко да лайкнеш коментара айде българиии

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  • your me bookfortnite andword

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  • this can be fun only for the kids

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  • Hallo Leute. Ich als Fortnite Let's Player suche Leute zum zocken. Ich mache von unseren Sessions aufnahmen die dann bei SLworlds veröffentlicht werden. Willkommen bei mir auf der seite. 🥳

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  • loved it!

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  • When a fortnite add comes in a fortnite video while you are playing fortnite. This game has screwed us all

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  • Damn you did so much

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  • 20 21 is caming

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  • Ale ze polak był w kompilacji xdd

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  • 5:10 was stupid he had jet pack

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  • Je suis le seul français qui regarde ses vidéos??😛🤨🧐🤔😂

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  • i can'tbelievethat elenko was in tho

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  • 0:21 BULGARIAN 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🦌🦌

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  • лол сюда даже русские попадают

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  • Me and my bro figured out the vehicle glitch in the first clip and we used it to get out of the storm lmao

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    • It also messed him up which wasn’t great but now I have a noob tactic to use against enemies

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  • El clip de el minuto 6:35 el falso porque no le sube el contador de muertes o de kills

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  • Hey faiz, I love your new intro music

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  • 0:27🇧🇬💪

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  • I love faiz and skan

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  • cool game, I also play

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  • 0:54 ooo polak PogU

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  • 7.43 is turk işte buuu

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  • Glad to see that Conner's clip made it here at 2:15! I was confused when they glitched underneath the map. 😂

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    • @Stephen Brandt bro your not funny lmao

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    • @ThatOneKidKaiden and kaiden gay bc he has long hair and looks gay got em ha

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    • @Stephen Brandt not funny

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    • @ThatOneKidKaiden poop mi amigo

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    • @Stephen Brandt how did you find this comment

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  • Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie noch viel Glück und Gesundheit🍀🍀

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  • cool

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  • 3:49 that guys nname though

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  • Ale wybijacz tak nie działa

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  • 1:04 oj matek..

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  • 4:03 +1 opoios einai ELLINAS

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  • I was playing with my cousin he died one more person left and we killed each other

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  • Je sais 13 chose sur toi 1)tu est sur youtube 2)tu es humain 3)tu as cliqué sur lire la suite 4)tu ne peux pas dire (P) sans toucher tes lèvres 5)tu as essayé 6)tu ni arrive pas 8)tu continues à essayer 10)tu n'a pas vus que il y avait pas le (9) 10)tu vérifie 11)tu souris 12)tu sens bête 13) si tu est tombé dans le piège abone toi

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  • faiz,let me know what is ur country pls

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  • 0:55 twój stary na Wigilii

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  • Dlaczego inne intto

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  • It's the first time it's interesting

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  • i'm the guy who you trolled today (the snowmando skin )

  • I love it (:

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  • Fortnite is dead

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  • Тут есть русские моменты

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  • Halo Polska

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  • hi, I have a random video and I would like to send it to see if you upload it to yt, how do I do?

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  • Whats with fortnite youtubers with bird nest on there heads

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  • Ale że Polska jest w amerykańskiej kompilacji pog

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  • 8 min 12

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  • 3:08 my aim

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  • Go video Dodeu

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  • 5:31 rm3lo هو عربي his Arabic and me

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  • 1:47 i was wearing headphones watching this and it felt like the person talking in the backround was right next to me... i even turned around to make sure no one was there lol

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  • Very nice

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  • OMGGGGG I Watched all he’s vids I really love faiz 🤩🤍😂

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  • @HeyStan 2:44 Lol and in the last videos Butterfly Lea with her noscope

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  • I see el3nko

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  • i seen so many people playing with performance mode on and still had 60/80fps :\

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  • “What’s your favorite app"..... Like: SLworlds Reply: Tiktok

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    • F-u-c-k tik tok fo life

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  • My friend here justin, is taken and CRACKED at fortnite my guy uhh uhh

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  • Faiz u always post new videos everyday u make me feel good early in the morning keep on doing it.

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