Fortnite WTF Moments #186

3. maj. 2020
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Welcome to the episode #186 of Faiz Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments!
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Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments #186
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  • how dum is the guy if the storm is right in front of him 3:28

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  • 3:40 that guy is the dumbest person on this earth. dumbass

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  • 3:40 he should be a dummy

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  • Why do people get so mad they have to beat things up??

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  • Как класно смотреть за стримирами которие бомбят из за форта дауни реткосние

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  • 4:30 This player does not know that in this location the water is not so deep.

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  • I dont understand why he dosent get out of the storm when its literally right there 3:28

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    • ikr he could've just walked out instead of using the crash pad

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