Fortnite WTF Moments #238

17. avg. 2020
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Welcome to the episode #238 of Faiz Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments!
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Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments #238
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  • 8:04 miren la cama WTF!!!

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  • I hate the way how people add dumb dead memes and sometimes are loud especially for head phone users

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  • 2:06 isnt that the guy who did payphone thing

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  • now everyone has harley hitter that's so sad

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  • the name of music in the intro????

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    • Essam,s show Skan - Run

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  • Wtf he she is dancing lol

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  • This is such good content

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  • Did any one else notice that at 1:40 he went back up health once he killed him

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  • guy: explanation no anyone! me: wut da heck

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  • 2:42 türküz be buda bizim farkımız

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  • 4:39 moment noob

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  • I'm actually pretty good. I've only been playing for two weeks now and I've got eight Victory Royale in solos.

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    • @_Blûë Bxrry_ oh. Also there are boys since chap 2 season 2. And they are so bad, it makes me feel bad when I win

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    • Cason Gray - It’s probably because I like, stop playing for 2 seasons then come back to the game then leave again. I’m not really an active player but I’m starting to play again and I got my first victory royale in squads yesterday. Hoping I can win a solo soon.

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    • @_Blûë Bxrry_ oh. Well I'm pretty sure I must be playing with like, ranked people because it's is so easy. Or it's not easy. Is solos, normal solos, not arena, ranked?

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    • I’ve been playing since December 2018 and I have 3 victory royales

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  • Tip for fighting marauders: Stay low. They were programmed to easily kill ppl that are up high. Try to crouch, and build walls in between you and them so you can heal.

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  • Most people say this just for clout but I say this cause I really mean it Hope you all are staying safe during these difficult times but pray and God will answer your prayers. I am praying for everyone who sees this comment

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  • Most people say this just for clout but I say this cause I really mean it Hope you all are staying safe during these difficult times but pray and God will answer your prayers. I am praying for everyone who sees this comment

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