Fortnite WTF Moments #241

23. avg. 2020
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Welcome to the episode #241 of Faiz Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments!
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Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments #241
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  • 1:36 Szevasz Ghost mit keresel itt?

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  • This is so funny😂

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  • 2:50 nooob

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  • 6:00

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  • 1:05 who els thought that pump hit for 300

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  • 6:08 tac 215

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  • 4:47 In this minute it is fake because the hands are put on the head and then it continues to move, while the hands are up, as if you noticed

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  • Me watching these video make me laugh Read my name

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  • 1:36 upppsz :D

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  • I counted and there 91 dead memes cringe sound effects in a 8min video, its more than 11 sound effects per minute, really representing fortnite community's brain move it

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